Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Hi everyone. I just found a delicious new GF cake that is made with almond flour. It has a chocolate coating and Daim candies (a danish toffee) in the inside, and I thought it was excellent. Its called "Almondy: Authentic Swedish Almond Tarta." I think my mom found it in the frozen section at IKEA. Good luck finding it!!

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  1. Alex, GREAT JOB starting off the blog. A high 5 for taking on the responsibility and doing such a great job. As for the almond cake, it looks like a product available at IKEA; they serve a very similar almond cake in their cafeteria and it is available in the freezer case at the store. This looks like the same thing. Another product I tried and liked is Caesar's manicotti and stuffed shells. Single servings, reasonable price, Food Works has them, high quality. We need to get you linked up with other sites!!!