Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gluten Free Tech

Have and iPhone? There are tons of GF apps on the Apple App store, and many are extremely useful. Here are a couple I have found to be helpful:

  1. Is That Gluten Free? Although this app is $5.99, it has gluten free information on over 20,000 products and can be very helpful on the go. It also allows you to add your own products that you know are gluten free. Another cool feature is the ingredient search, which tells what ingredients have gluten. Although this app may not be helpful to an experienced gluten free shopper, it can be very informative to a recently diagnosed Celiac.
  2. iEatOut Gluten and Allergen Free: Provides a series of helpful tips for several different types of international cuisine, and tells you what to ask for. A little expensive, though, at $8.99
  3. Gluten Free LifeStyle: Similar to Is That Gluten Free? but provides information on different grocery stores, which is useful. A little bit cheaper, but not as comprehensive.

You have to keep in mind before you buy any of these apps that they are geared toward the common Celiac who needs help shopping and eating out, not the more independent GF eater.

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