Saturday, April 17, 2010

Warning: Snickers Minis!!!

BE CAREFUL!! I recently ate several of the Snickers Minis on Easter and became terribly ill. I was vomiting for nearly three hours. Strangely, I often eat the Fun Size and regular Snickers bars and feel fine. Also, I have even eaten the minis before with no reaction. Interestingly enough, I have read articles and online forums in which people complain about reactions they've had to the minis. Although the manufacturer lists no gluten-containing ingredient on the package, it is highly likely that there is a high level of concentration. As a matter of fact, I probably consumed a highly contaminated batch of the candy. If you are even somewhat sensitive to gluten I would strongly recommend you not to eat this form of Snickers. There have been numerous discussions on, a gluten free forum, in which people talk about whether or not they contain gluten. I did eat some from a mixed bag of Snickers, however, which contained dark chocolate and normal Snickers, so that might have had some effect.

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